Here is a little feedback from a number of  young people I have supported in recent years, 

The sessions I have had with Steven over the past 4 years have been very useful to me, they have helped me to feel more confident about myself and allowed me to get issues off my chest that I can’t share at home. Thank-you Steve”                                                          

                                                                             young woman age 15
"Working with Steve really helped me to keep calm in hard situations and that has saved me from getting arrested"                    
                                                                                 young man age 14
"Steve's great! The time has helped me find myself. I'm so grateful. He even took me to make a music track. I'd advise anyone who seeks help to talk to him!"
                                                                              young woman age 15
"Steve has helped me a lot since I started seeing him for my anger and that. He knows how to talk to the youth and can really solve your problems. I always know I can come have a chat with him, and even if I forgot my appointment, knowing he was there for me at any time really calmed me down"                                                                            
                                                                                    young man age 16
"Steve creates a safe space in which you feel that you can talk about everything and anything. You feel liberated by being allowed to say anything to someone who is impartial about your situation, which is what a lot of people tend to lack in their lives. Steve always has a very relaxed, non-judgemental approach so you do not feel as if you are talking to yet another adult who will jump to conclusions about your problem or who does not understand. Talking to Steve has definitely helped my ability to open up to someone without feeling stupid or apologetic about why i feel certain emotions"
                                                                           young woman age 17




A number of professional colleagues also wanted to share their experiences of my work; 

"Steve's work with some of our young men has been remarkable, giving them insight into their potential and demonstrating to them that they have the capacity to live their lives in a different, more rewarding and successful way.

I have huge respect for Steve Uttley and have very much valued the chance to have worked with him over many years. I am able to recommend him to others without any reservations, confident in the knowledge that he would be a great asset to any school or organisation."

Rosi Jordan, Deputy Headteacher, Chessbrook Education Support Centre

"It is hard to overstate how much Steve meant to the students he worked with.  He was extremely popular and highly respected.  His work had significant impact on their lives. They were always treated with the utmost respect. Steve showed great empathy towards them and the problems they were facing.  There are countless students who would willingly pay testimony to Steve’s listening skills, integrity, patience, and his ability to help them make changes to their lives. 

His knowledge and understanding of Child Protection issues and procedures was unrivalled.  I had total confidence in his advice and in his judgement.

I worked very closely with Steve on a number of very difficult cases where sometimes I was considering permanent exclusion.  I found him to be totally professional in the way he represented the student and at the same time realistic and respectful of the needs of the whole school community.

As a colleague I found Steve to be intelligent, thoughtful, funny and always good company.  I recommend him without reservation."

Judith Gott
Retired Headteacher
Westfield Community Technology College

"Steve has been a great source of advice support and training to our counsellors as they delivered anger management to a group of boys in the school environment. His knowledge, experience and skills in this field are a valuable resource."

Abbe Waghorn, Manager, Signpost (Counselling for Young people)

"I have been privileged to have worked with Steve in a variety of settings (youth centres, detached youth work, schools, residential and other professional frameworks) over the past 7 years. It is difficult to put into words the vibe that he injects into his work. It is not just a passion or a belief or a weight of knowledge, but a natural way of being that creates the flow to his work. 

With each issue presented, a powerful and insightful understanding is reached and work is tailored to support and empower the young person towards their most successful outcome. 

As an advocate for young people Steve is uncompromising in a posiitve and respectful way to enable a voice for the young person.

Personally, he has enabled me to be more reflective, challenged my practice and has given me a higher level of understanding when working with young people"

Sharon Wallerson, Partnership Manager, Dacorum Family Services


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