rules, regulations, procedure, protocol, bureaucracy.....
Of course they all have a place, but we also know from experience that they can be limiting to a fundamental aspect of any work with children or young people (and in some cases their parent(s)/carer(s)); that is, the creation of a trusting relationship and the emergence of open dialogue.
It is my commitment that these boundaries do not negatively impact on the effectiveness or shape of the support which SpeakEasy are able to offer; whilst still being able to operate within the given procedural framework or context at hand. 
SpeakEasy believes that every child does indeed matter.
The support available is primarily aimed at children and young people aged 10-19.
However, there is also scope for younger children to be offered support.
SpeakEasy is committed to providing a professional service to all regardless of gender, background, ability, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religious affiliation, fashion sense or shoe size.
SpeakEasy are specifically skilled at engaging with the more difficult to motivate; or those deemed as disaffected or socially excluded. 
Advocacy: this is a central aspect of any support; in that, once a voluntary relationship is established and trust garnered then a commitment to act as an advocate in any dealings with other professionals, parent/carers, school and so on, is a given. It also allows for signposting to further support or professional intervention within a safe framework for the child/young person. 
One-to-one (mentoring/coaching) support: this can take the shape that best meets the needs of the child or young person. Tailormade packages of social education (see 'Steven Uttley') will be devised to be delivered within a school, home or an alternative setting. 

Associate mentor 

Chris Tridgell is able to provide positive one-to-one interventions in and around the Watford and SW Herts region. Currently he is working with children and young people in primary, secondary schools, in an Education Support Centre (PRU), with a family support service and in home-based and community settings.  
Groupwork: Having delivered over fifty projects in a groupwork context Steven Uttley brings an assured and flexible style of delivery; the central tenet remaining intact; that is, ensuring a process that allows dialogue, reflection and the development of skills, knowledge and understanding; which have important currency beyond the here and now fun experience that being in a group can allow.
Specific groups may include:
  • nurture groups/emotional literacy
  • work with young men
  • anger management
Other services:
Community based ESOL (English as a Second or Other Language) and adult literacy tuition  is available delivered by Sindy Uttley, a teacher of vast experience and exceptional expertise, demonstrated by a high level of exam success, consistently 'outstanding' teacher status and positive learner feedback.
Please ask for more detail.
Further to this, should you feel there are any gaps in provision that would benefit from the input of a highly experienced social educator then please make contact and we can discuss a tailor-made programme,  package or consultancy.
I look forward to hearing from you. 

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