About Us

SpeakEasy is a service based in Somerset and Hertfordshire, with a central commitment to enabling the voice of it's clients, children and young people, to be the driving force behind it's shape; and moreover, the positive forward direction and pace of any support offered to be guided by the young person's needs and individual requirements.
SpeakEasy operates within a framework of maintaining the safeguarding of children and young people as paramount, and is committed to equality of access and opportunity.  
SpeakEasy youth support is managed and delivered by Steven Uttley, a professionally qualified youth work practitioner who has a wealth of experience gained from direct face-to-face work, with 100's of children and young people from a wide range of backgrounds; and, utilising a wide range of media; from in-depth discussion to creative writing, clay modelling to photography, game play, outdoor walks, circuit training and more.
Steven is a social (or informal) educator, dedicated to enabling young people to have a safe space to explore their thoughts, feelings and potential; and, to enable a rehearsal of social skills for action in their daily lives. 

Steven also has an Associate Mentor, Chris, who enables excellent work to be delivered in an extended way to a wider range of schools and in various alternative settings.
See the page entitled 'Steven Uttley' for a more personal word from Steven.
SpeakEasy is a flexible service, happy and very able, to provide direct support for children and young people in your school, education support centre, youth focused organisation or as part of any alternative provision; in relation to a wide range of need and issue based criteria and/or where you may currently feel there are gaps in the services available.  
Please see 'Services' for more detail of what is available.
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